Friday, 16 March 2018

Term 1 16/03/18 goals

To improve all my writing tasks I do by writing at home on the weekend i like writing because it makes you more better at writing and reading.

To get better at reading is to read more and more and more.
The way i do it is by reading on the weekend and on holidays.

I will improve math by doing math on the weekend and on the holiday and on holidays i do timetables,takeaways.

Social: i will be respectful to others in school, even if there not my friend.

I need to practice soccer by learning around the world and rainbow.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Acrostic poem

Sea is supposed to be clean for the sea turtles.
Eggs look like ping pong balls.
Artificial lighting confuses hatchlings.

The sea turtles choke on plastic
Under the sea they can eat jellyfish.
Rubbish can kill them.
The sea turtles can be killed  by  sharks.
Leatherback skins are used for boots

Eat meat and plants.Image result for colourful sea turtles

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Write what these diagrams represent
(A )1.2

(B) 2.6

(C) 1.4  

(D) 3.3

(E) 0.7

(F) 2.5

A           3.4   B           7.6  C           4.3  D           6.7
E           0.5   F           3.8  G          2.2
H           5.9

Write these decimals fraction as fraction.

A  4 2/10

B  2 4/10

C  5 1/10

D  1 5/10

E  0 8/10

G  3 3/10

H  6 7/10

I   7 6/10